It’s personal revelation time for this blogger... Frank … Those of you who had followed me on Twitter ( I was wrongfully suspended for being a conservative voice about six months ago, I was approaching 5000 followers), but I’m glad it’s over, as I feel no need to comply with the twisted, biased, guidelines of “Jack”, Twitter’s sick leader. And for the life of me, I don’t know who is worse for the world, Jack and Twitter, or Zuckerberg and Facebook. I Do know this much however, they both are good for the Democratic Party and the NWO … 2030 agenda ... let’s change gears …

AGAIN, those of you that are familiar with my blog,( know that I pretty much write in the spirit, or better said, write under the guidance of God’s Word and Spirit. You will also find that I also write sometimes “in the flesh”… I have a philosophy of not restricting myself and of writing pretty much whatever the muse presents to my thought processes, which are most always structuring observances of this life/world and people, as they come … This writing in the flesh sometimes, and often in the spirit is my desire and by my design … I intend to show that I’m a “real human being” and not some make believe “holier than thou entity”… Also to make clear in my writing that the Christian life is very rewarding, but it is a trying, difficult, potentially deadly thing to do. I use the term “deadly” relating to being made aware through THE SPIRIT, the existence of a “mostly unseen spiritual realm.”

Having said this, here is a message in the spirit … Ref: Michael Heiser, his extraordinary book, The Unseen Realm, pg 308 … I consider these words to be basic yet a crucial part in understanding the things of God ...

In Christ, believers are “the sons of God.” The idea of “inheritance” is what is being put forth. It is advancing the Old Testament idea that humans were meant to be in the family of God all along. It is no surprise that the writers of the New Testament used words like adoption, and inheritance to describe what the church actually is — A reconstitution of the divine-human family of God. *The believer’s destiny is to become what Adam-and-Eve originally were: immortal, glorified imagers of God, living in God’s presence as his children … The message is unmistakable …* Read this as many times as is necessary, and hopefully understand it in your spirit … It will change you, that is if you want to be changed …

**He ... (Jesus) came to his things, and his own people did not receive him. But as many as received him–to those who believe in his name–he gave to them authority to become children of God, who were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of a husband, but of God … (John 1:11-13) … All for now … to be continued, stay tuned … Frank …**CRITICAL TO UNDERSTANDING THE TROUBLE OF THIS LIFE … THE CONFLICT …

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