Let’s be real clear, God loves all, including Homosexuals ... Again God loves homosexuals, but does not love the acts/ sin / conduct of homosexuality … There are many scriptures concerning God’s stand on homosexuality … Noah and Ham-Genesis 9: 20- 27… Sodom and Gomorrah Genesis 19:1-11 ... Levitical laws condemning same-sex relationships … Leviticus 18:22 … 20:13 … Where we read that sex between two men is detestable and an abomination to God … Also, 1:Corinthians 6: 9- 10 … And Romans 1: 26-27… Read all for yourself …

I think what a lot of the general public and probably a good part of the homosexual community don’t understand is this. homosexuality, in God’s eyes, is a sin among sins, though it is very serious … God condemns it …The homosexual community needs to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that homosexuality is a deep-rooted Satanic stronghold and a spiritual problem … And in my opinion, can only be overcome with the spirit of God’s intervention …

Let’s look at homosexuality from this angle … If you really stop and think about it, it is an attack on God … For instance … Can you hear Satan saying “Has God really said that men cannot have sex with men, women with women? … Refer to Satan in the garden, tempting Adam and Eve) …

Further, have you experienced the hatred that comes from a lot of homosexuals as they defend themselves? … Have you also experienced how “they” ( gay & lesbian) want to jam the rationale of why they are homosexuals down “our” throats and demand “our” acceptance of them, yet will not listen to your reasons for being Christian or just being straight? Another big deception that homosexuals and lesbians are under is that God “Made them THAT WAY” … PER SCRIPTURES AND IMHO, homosexuals saying that God made them them “that way” is like saying God made something that is a total abomination to him, it just doesn’t make any sense … Yet that’s what they stand on … a lie from hell … Additionally a man can feel like he is a woman, and make cosmetic changes, but his DNA says he will always be a man, the same thing goes for women … “Feelings” can be very misleading, problematic and deceptive, leading to much trauma and heartache … Lastly, another observation I have made is that if the homosexual community can make themselves and us believe that God “made them the way they are”, they feel relieved of all responsibility and accountability … Giving them a clear conscience … This also is a Satanic lie … Well, there you have it friends, also, I really, truly am trying to give up my writing … I don’t hate homosexuals and neither does God … I will probably lose a friend or two over this post, but I have to call it the way I see it I am responsible, empathetic and understanding … Frank …

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