I must make this observation without sounding “holier than thou” Although I will probably be perceived that way … Remember I’m just the messenger …

Has the modern day church including most denominations, missing it’s calling to proclaim the truth of God’s Word? Is the modern day church missing its biggest opportunity?

WHAT PRAY TELL am I talking about? … I am referring to the church’s “watered down, compromised rendering” of God’s Word … The apparent “giving in of churches across America and the world concerning gay rights, and the LGBTQ agenda … All seemingly being done not to offend ANYONE ... AND KEEPING THE MAJORITY OF THE CONGREGATION HAPPY. ALSO, THEY DON’T WANT PEOPLE TO WITHHOLD THEIR MONIES OVER CONTROVERSY … In other words compromising the word of God for man’s agenda …

About my continued writing, something peculiar happened today as I was seeking God’s guidance on my writing continuing … It’s as if God spoke to me ( in my spirit) saying … ” If you are done, I will illuminate your mind and write through you.” ... Maybe this is a new beginning … Frank ... less flesh, more spirit…

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