First, and by all means, no white person will be allowed to have any government position whatsoever … Any persons who are supporters of BLM … have any affiliation with the LGBTQ-XYZ and are non-Asian, but dark or olive-skinned, will be given priority for employment over all others … being a hate-filled staunch supporter of critical race theory … lover of Bill Cosby, Ellen ‘Degenerate’ … ‘Opera’ Winifreddy … The View… CNN … MSNBC … NOW INCLUDING FOX … will be considered ideal candidates for government positions, being as they are already 90% indoctrinated to the sell-out of America … ( also must be able to prove that potential employees shopping includes all things made in China) … If you have a philosophy of ‘America first’, we simply don’t need you in American government … We wouldn’t want to offend any members of the Muslim brotherhood, or Anti-Semite, jew hating peoples of America … Remember, “Uncle Sammy might want you, but he’s kind of picky … God bless ‘Baracko’ and Michael Robinson Omamba … also, Joe Button … Oh, and “Let’s get to the root cause of our immigration situation” Kawamba Harvest ... our V.P. … waiting in the wings for the Dems to hang J.B. out to dry … Good luck in your employment search, above guidelines provided by your equal employment opportunity government … These guidelines approved by Shon Penn and friends …

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