WE THE PEOPLE will only take so much ... like fraudulently won Presidential elections ... Young men and women in their prime, sent off to fight some Congressman’s or Senator’s war ... The elite get rich, the young and brave get an American flag-draped coffin, and a stone in Arlington cemetery; many not seeing their twenty-first birthday … Hoorah! … Hoorah, my ass! …

We the people will only take so much ... “Attention all neighbor-loving citizens, you must continue to wear a mask, even after being vaccinated … We will tell you when to stop wearing masks …“Further, all citizens … We want to guarantee the integrity of future elections … We, your government solemnly sware, that in the future … Republican votes will not be discarded, burned, defaced, mysteriously lost, or otherwise ruined by heinous evil mishap … And that democratic votes will be counted only once, not one hundred times”…

WE THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD IT ... We refuse to be told how to live our lives and to be dictated by as few as twelve elitists that live their lives shrouded in mystery, behind closed doors, making decisions for 98% of the world’s population … We will only take so much … And then the proverbial “shite will hit the fan” … And it will not be pretty … The first American Civil War will pale in the face of a second one … There is a multitude of people in this country that will only take so much … They realize without our Constitution, without freedom of speech, and the right to bear arms, and the other stipulations of our Constitution; this country will become a nation of bloodthirsty, power-hungry savages … Actually, I think we are now… We seem to have the idea in this country that things are gonna get better … I’m here to tell you, they will not … Ready or not the “tribulation” is coming … “Let God be true and every man a liar” …written this evening 7/ 29/ 21 ... by Frank Payton, a voice in the wilderness …

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