8/1/21 — White House Memo to be aired on major news carriers … BULLETIN! … BULLETIN! … Attention all white people in the United States, whether or not you were /are/plan to be a Trump supporter… Concerning the males of the United States, the government will be sending out officials visiting front doors, and checking for papers, verifying that you have been castrated … And we need the verification to be a “two ball castration” … Only “one ball” castration certifications will not be accepted. ( If you want an “On The Spot” castration in the privacy of your front yard, we have a limited volunteer staff with ‘ pliers, wire cutters, and band aids), [And a video will be made for training purposes) there will be a $ 500.00 fee, a portion will be tax dedictable … (The U.S. government simply will not allow the reproduction of white people, and especially Trump supporters.) … Concerning white women, especially Pro-Life, Trump supporters … Government officials will also be going door to door checking for “sexual mutilation certifications”… *We [*The Government Elite] simply can’t have “Your Kind” of life-loving representation running around in society … And we certainly don’t want you to have reproductive capabilities … Hey, other than this announcement, All is well at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and I hope everybody ( after certification) goes out and has their favorite ice cream cone …Tell them, Joey B. sent Ya … Frank ...

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