Put quite simply and accurately, I believe, almost all of us human beings are hiding or loitering / wasting away behind deceptive masks … Some are trapped in a natural mindset and never consider anything spiritual or vice versa

Many, accept only empirical evidence about the things of life … That which can be seen and touched is all the reality that there is … ( These say )

Many go as far as to say, anything of a spiritual nature is complete hogwash … nonsense … Tomfoolery, and weakness on the part of those ascribing to such beliefs …

Concerning gender identity … Many otherwise ‘good’ healthy people hide behind “this culture’s ravings” about God making a mistake when he made them, ie: “Everything about me outwardly looks like a man but inside, I feel like a woman … God made me wrong”… Well friends … IMHO ... and biologically speaking, if you are born XX, you are a woman down to every cell in your body, if you’re born a man you are XY down to every cell in your body … Don’t believe the lie …

Get help … God loves you as He made you … God didn’t make a mistake when he spoke the world into existence by the power of his word, he certainly didn’t make any mistakes in placing the sun at the correct distance from the earth … His word says that each person is fearfully and wonderfully made and that he knits us together in the mother’s womb …

Stop blaming God for your inability to be responsible … And take accountability for your life, accept the way he made you … Do not wear the mask … Do not believe the deception that says God-made a mistake when he made you … This is the same God that perfected eyesight, hearing, the gift of touch, smell and taste … Wouldn’t it stand to reason that this same God would know exactly what he is making in a mother’s womb?….

Are some trying to say and have the masses believe that God can place a perfectly normal brain in a person, except it has one flaw, it doesn’t know what identity it is? … Note: It wasn’t too long ago that this gender identity business was identified in the psychology books as a ‘mental problem‘ …

This whole belief that God made some people “wrong”… is a clear-cut attack and tactic of our adversary, The Satan … I am old school, keep it simple, it is an identity problem with dark spiritual underpinnings, and it is a stronghold from the devil … Frank …

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