Is your otherwise normal sexually oriented family being upset, undermined and generally speaking “attacked” by the rainbow flag waivers and supporters? Do you find in your own offspring one of these entities? ... ( I use the word entity, [ oftentimes ‘creature‘] not necessarily in a condescending or hateful way, but as an identifier for those who cannot or will not grasp and accept the concept of the male-female compatibility and function given by God to the human race) …

Does it seem that all around us and in almost every corner of society, the LGBTQ community ( by the way only 4 to 5 % of the world’s population identify as gay or lesbian) … is demanding that their lifestyles and worldviews are the dominant, most relevant, and now even ‘God‘ approved and normal ways of life? … At the same time not even giving the common decency and respect to people of traditional normal sexual beliefs any platform at all to express those beliefs … And then shouting that we normals “are the ones that are intolerant” … How absurd and ugly they can be …

I find it hard to love and accept the Queer Dicks and Lesi Janes of the world, I might be able to love “them” but I don’t have to love what they do physically to each other, and mentally to us traditionalists … I think that Christians and others of different sexual orientations are far more tolerant than the LGBTQ community … Frank

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