Find yourself observing in any gymnasium across the American public school system … In one corner you have a rainbow flag waving LGBTQ community … In another corner we have the Muslim congregation “The religion of ‘swords flashing’, heads rolling, peace.”… In a third corner … We have a Black Lives Matter congregation … And finally in the fourth corner of the room we have the Bible toten Christian congregation …

Now … Question is … which congregation will not be permitted to stay in the corner of the gymnasium and will be asked to leave? … Survey says … hand down it will be the Christian congregation … Every other group will be sympathized with and encouraged to continue … All, on American soil my friends …

It’s all over for the American student … It’s all over for the American culture … ah … hah … ( Drum roll begins marching music, a gunshot is heard) … An American student bound to a tree with ropes, receives the symbolic bullet … Slumping over blood gushing out of his mouth … Every other agenda waving their flags & swords … scream in ecstasy … at the death of the Conservative God-fearing American student … ALL ON AMERICAN SOIL ...

Salute to the gone but not forgotten, Jim Morroson & The Doors Of Perception ... lyrics to the song “The Unknown Soldier” altered by me … Frank ... ‘If you’re offended, bite a wire’...

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