It’s past time to take a look at a few things … What we are watching now … using the Afghanistan situation as a launching pad … How many hundreds or even thousands will die because of Joe Biden’s negligence? …The deconstruction part will begin with the media… and others will spin this to be Donald Trump and George Bush’s fault … Consult your Communist Manifesto for the reconstruction process … I understand that the enemies of the Afghan government are being transported with American vehicles, what did they do steal them? … Or did Joe Biden give orders to give them the trucks? … To say the least, the fall of Afghanistan to the

Taliban is a major security threat … When are we gonna wake up America? … How dumb do a lot of us have to get? … All you young people that like the free stuff, don’t fall for the trap,_ what are you gonna do when they come and kick you out of your house? … where you gonna keep your free stuff? … you idiots voted for this crap, because Orange man bad, Orange man has bad tweets, Orange man said the word ‘pussy’ … What you are going to slowly wake up to I hope is… that Donald Trump’s foreign policy was sound … and out of your hatred for Donald … ‘yous’ elected this idiot puppeteer Joe Biden, and the rest of the democratic Jackasses … Do any of you finally get it? deconstruct, erase history… reconstruct

Think about the stock market for a minute, we have what some 130 years of history, we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, but we look back on the 130 years of stock market history and we can predict somewhat … Don’t you see one of the goals is to erase all-American history from the founding fathers up until now, so that we don’t have any history to look back on, we don’t have a source of information … Wake up people but I think it’s too late … Get your free stuff, you bunch of morons … Not all of you anyway … Here’s a good way to summarize our government, they give you $5 bucks, and they come looking for $5000 a little bit later … Frank …What is happening in Afghanistan is the most shameful thing to happen to America in a long time… Think about it, where is Joe Biden? he is AWOL … Joe says he will address the situation in a few days are you freaking shitting me? … Sorry America, but we are getting in part what we deserve … Collectively we better wake up from our comatose state, of saying “Not in America” all you elitists, do you get it? …

Never mind go look at your free stuff and then go back to sleep …

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