Question: Who are the real deplorables?

This post will be about how an interview between Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, and their ilk, conducted by me would likely go … In a real-life situation, I would sit down with ‘all of the above mentioned’ and pose a simple question … ” Panel, my question is this: Just who is included in what you elitists consider to be the deplorable of America?

Further, does this panel’s idea of deplorable” include All the fine brave people serving in our military? ... All the well-educated public-serving doctors and lawyers across the land? … All of the great scientists that put together programs such as the NASA Space Program? … All of the straight-up non-corrupt law enforcement people serving in various capacities across our land? … Most ( not recently) of our educators from University to Elementary School ... That have not given in to teaching our youth that the ‘rewriting an elimination’ of the history regarding the United State’s founding and Christian heritage that was obvious to all up until recently in any way would be beneficial [ perhaps beneficial to our Communist and ‘Muslim radical’ infested Congress and Senate, including the Presidency … Including the DOJ, FBI, Supreme Court, etc] … To institutions, individuals and private companies that have not given in to the “spirit of division” pressure to teach and advance the nonsense of Critical Race Theory

I think most of us know that the answers received from these leaders would be total misdirection, political double talk, and to put it frankly, horseshit … Which is the main product of our so called, “Representative Government”… I view this post as introductory and helps many to wake up … Frank

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