I hope that everyone watching the debacle in Afghanistan is aware of a few things … Do you think that the Chinese, North Koreans, Russia, Iran, etc might be watching what’s going on in America? … As the president of the United States retreats to Delaware and Kamala Harris goes to Asia, I ask for what?… to get her nails done and a foot massage? …

What is more important in Delaware, is Joe Biden at a local laundry sniffing the common folks dirty underwear? … All of the Americans that voted for this administration should be ashamed, all of you that were duped into not believing that the main street media,( including social media) and the government were in bed together to outst Trump, all over their pure hatred of him ( And him exposing Washington DC for the corrupt cesspool that it is) … What has happened to common sense in America? … Can’t you see we are heading for judgment? … Let me clarify, we are already in judgment … If you think I’m a nut job or a zealot… or a right wing religious freak, you better take a look at yourself in the mirror … Because I don’t really care what you think of me … Donald Trump had more wisdom and common sense in his ‘wee little toe’ than Joe Biden has in all of his body including the body of Kamala Harris …

My main point is … what is it gonna take for some Americans to wake up? … Rome is burning, and in this case, it’s Afghanistan and America, symbolically speaking … And our military is busy teaching about “Critical Race Theory” and other bullshit … Again don’t you think that the Chinese and all countries already mentioned are gonna declare open season on America?… Again don’t you think that the Chinese and all those already mentioned are licking their chops for a piece of America?… Don’t you see that this is a Democratic (half Republican) regressive, progressive march towards the complete sell-out of America? … Really, I want to ask some again, what is it going to take to get through to you rock heads? …

If some of you including many in Washington DC, have any idea about the past relationship of Israel to God, these would understand what is happening … By that I mean … If God let Israel have their “Kings” back in the ancient days, knowing full well that it was going to bring decline to Israel, don’t you think He would allow the same thing in America? … as is currently being made obvious by the Biden and other recent administrations? … And let me be clear, I am not including Donald Trump … The party got started really well

under the “Muslim brotherhood traitor” who is Barack Obama and his boyfriend husband … I didn’t know men could have kids … Apparently Michael Robinson can …When are we gonna wake up folks? … If you want to beat me around like a pinata, for being what I consider to be honest, then go ahead, I don’t really give a damn … See if you can understand this saying … “Let God be true and every man a liar … If you don’t understand it, that’s to be expected … go back to sleep … Maybe when the ICBM’s start flying, you’ll wake up … But then it will be too late … you can kiss your sorry asses goodbye … I know this is harsh, but somebody needs to speak up … I know this doesn’t apply to everyone by any means … If the shoe fits wear it … Like it or not … Frank

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