The popular 60’s TV series Star Trek, starring among others, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, put forth the idea that space is the “final frontier”. Well, that may be true from an Earth man’s perspective … However it probably isn’t so true once a human being has shed ‘this mortal coil’ and has begun the next adventure in His / Her God-given resurrection body … Especially in a dimension, realm, where evil has been dealt with and is no longer a ball and chain, as the “fallen state” has been around humanity’s neck … Stretch your imagination for a while and consider how spectaculr space travel can / could be … It would be a wonderful thing to be able to travel the universe at warp speed as was portrayed in the Star Trek episodes … It is quite another, and quite an upgrade, to be able to travel in your spirit body at say the speed of light … I believe that Albert Einstein & others were all over this possibility, but realized that the limits of human flesh, blood, and bone, and the natural laws that are in place concerning gravity, and electromagnetism in our solar system … would prevent earthbound humanity from making such leaps and bounds, as would be traveling at the speed of light in our current configuration of flesh …

So I submit that space is probably a “beginning frontier“… Especially when humanity gets beyond this current ‘Earth Age‘ … Meaning the current ‘ birth pangs’ leading to the birthing of the Tribulation Period” or ‘Daniel’s 70th week’ as is prophesied … ( briefly, The Tribulation Period, ushering in the coming world conflict where Israel is attacked and seemingly defeated if not for the intervention of God Himself, with the second coming of Christ ( There is also a debatable rapture) where the church is snatched away and returns with Christ for the final battles of this Earth age…

After this comes the millennium, or the 1000 year reign of Christ … All is prophesied and in the Bible … So what remains for us humans, is whether we believe it or not … Few will, many will not … Also prophesied … Frank … Captains Log 9:16 PM … 8/ 21/ 21…

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