Say it ain’t so Joe ... NEWS ALERT! … In a soon-to-be-released documentary, Joe Biden is interviewed secretly by three CNN contributors …

Here is Joe’s plan through the support of his right-wing Democrat Party … Joe says he is “bound and determined” to divide the United States up into equal portions among the Russians, Chinese, Koreans, Iranians, Europe, and the Middle East involving all countries except Israel … Any country’s peoples not mentioned will have to decide which nation they will join forces with … This is to include the members of the American military, who will

be allowed to individually choose which government they wish to work for … The thinking is that eventually, one or two countries will rise to the top of the divided American lands … There will be a big war eventually and only one country will be left standing … Two, if each of the remaining countries can to come to some kind of agreement … As for American citizens … They will be allowed also to choose which country they want to live in and under … If they do not want to join forces with one of the countries mentioned they will be put to death … Joe says, however, he will be compassionate and allow those that do not want to cooperate, to choose their method of extermination, including children that might be involved … Some options or choices in the methods to exterminate will be as so … A good old fashioned hanging … lined up and shot in the back of the head and dumped into a community grave … Burned to death in community fires … Joe says, if necessary, he would be glad to order the building of some modern-day concentration camps across America … Cost is no worry as he can just print the money … Death by lethal injection would also be permitted … Suicide would also be highly recommended to those desiring it … “Any way you want to go is OK with Joe.” Follow this developing story on the new leader in the media industry YOUR CNN … FRANK – … good evening to all …Well, Most of you anyway …

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