Al-Qaeda… Isis-K … Hamas… Hizballah… Palestine Islamic Jihad … On and on … Mr. Joe Biden, do you have any inkling of an idea as to what you have done? … You little ball headed looking eagle man, you screeching hoot owl … You sorry excuse for a human being … I’d like to see your pathetic face on judgment day because God is certainly waiting for you and your mentor “Obammer”… and his boyfriend, Michael Robinson … “You child abusing, armpit sniffing, one-man freak show … I would like to see you run off with the next circus that comes to town because you have certainly missed your calling … You ass wipe … You are the type of person that would take a soiled diaper off of a child and throw it up on the wall just to watch it stick and slide, you freak … I hope you soon reap what you have sown through your ill-gotten fraudulent Presidency … Yes you are gonna get away with it for a while, but when you throw out the boomerang, you better watch, because it’s coming back … Frank…

If you can raise your brain to a little higher level I will explain to you what you have done … You Mr. Biden have turned Afghanistan into a future terrorist haven, to wage war against the United States on American soil and the West in general, not to mention Israel and the Arab countries … Joe, you recently said that “diplomacy is back in American politics” … Did somebody hit you in the head with a Louisville Slugger? … You moron, do you think we believe anything you say?

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