WHY IS the price of freedom so high? … Why is the shedding of blood necessary to achieve and secure freedom in this wicked world?

The account of creation in Genesis clearly shows that freedom was given, and freedom of choice was also given by God … Unfortunately the dominion that was given to Adam-and-Eve by God was stripped away by Satan … Satan “the Prince of the power of the air.”… Satan, who from the beginning stood and still stands against everything that is from and of God … Including the earth and his premier creation … mankind … Satan being particularly jealous that man was made in God’s image … And also jealous of mankind being originally selected by God to be His representatives on earth … The whole earth was originally to be Edenic … The fall took care of that original plan … But it is still being fulfilled … But it’s hard to see and understand God’s plan…

Generally speaking, Israel and the United States are the last two main bastions of freedom left in the world … Isn’t it peculiar that both of them are under constant attack … Israel has constantly been under attack and now the United States is going the same route, because the oppressor is everywhere fighting freedom …

The conflict is ancient and continuous … Things are extremely bad now and culminating because this is Satan’s time, he has his minions in an uproar because he knows his time is short … Look at the most recent case taking place now in Afghanistan ... Shouldn’t we find it a little peculiar that America and Israel have been on defense since the end of World War II? …When is the last time Israel or the United States were on the offensive?… I guess it could be said that America’s attempts at nation building is offensive …

To wrap it up for now … Israel was and is God’s portion … All going back to the Tower of Babel where God himself disinherited the rest of the nations … Giving them over to be governed by the lesser elohim … ( For a clearer understanding of the phrase “lesser elohim” please refer to Psalm 82, in its entirety, but especially the first few verses … If you have “eyes to see”… you will realize what I have put forth here, is a fantastic lead into some real wisdom in understanding the evil that is taking place in the world, it’s up to you to pursue it … Piece together the mosaic … Being incomplete it is quite troubling to look at right now … with what is going on all around the globe, but in the end it will be beautiful … Frank …

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