This post is happening in part by my looking back on a Jesse Waters (FoxNews) Street interview, asking college-age people certain questions about history … The question put forth that aroused my attention went like this … Jesse would randomly ask passers-by on a beach in California (I think it was)… “WHO WON THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR”? Funny, how not one person gave the correct answer … The most alarming answer came from a young woman who said “Russia”… Jessie rolled his eyes in unbelief …

So we have the popular saying “if we do not know history we are doomed to repeat it” …

So what is alarming to me, is that we currently have a president … ( fraudulently elected, IMHO) … Who had some 40 years of experience in the Senate, is being reported by some of his colleagues as getting every foreign policy issue wrong through the years … Even though the man probably knew history …then, as now, he ( Joe) either voted with the political wind or just didn’t give a damn …

So we finally arrive at my point … What a disservice to our citizens, especially young people in college, to hide the truth, or alter the truth ( for political gain) and expect them to go forth into the world and make sound decisions … What a rip-off… Young people and many others had better wake up or you will not have an America … Frank …

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