So many times, great people pen words and some wonder, ‘what exactly the author meant’… Such is the case with Jim Morrison of the Door’s, lyrics, in the song the “Unknown Soldier.”… ‘It’s all over for the unknown soldier’ … “Breakfast’s where the news is read, television children fed”… UNBORN LIVING, LIVING DEAD …

Possible meaning: UNBORN LIVING ( speaks of those families receiving surviving soldiers coming home from war, WW1, WW2, Viet Nam, choose your war)… who realized the soldier now home was not the person who left home to fight in the war… these families had no idea of the horrors of war ( therefore were ‘UNBORN’ TO THE HORRORS OF WAR YET THEY WERE ALIVE …[ Almost always families would say of the surviving soldier coming home … “What is wrong with him, he’s not the same.”…

The ‘living dead’ were the returning soldiers, who were glad to be home but could not forget those left behind, or understand why ‘they’ were allowed to come home, and their friends were not … ‘They’ were, ‘are the LIVING DEAD‘ … The mystery of this whole thing seems to be that whether you are a family receiving a son or daughter coming home, or a son or daughter coming home to be received surviving a war, in either case, you are dead, in a lot of respects … Jim knew that war was never over… It lingers forever … Frank … ” We won’t get fooled again”? … REALLY?

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