Barack Obama and his boyfriend Michael must be having multiple orgasms … Their dream has come true… ‘Of landing the American government in the position of having to deal with the Taliban and other terrorists organizations’ … Also “the 5” in Congress known as “The Squad”… Are probably having a giant orgasm party frenzy as we speak … And wiping their asses with the American Flag … Pretty harsh words … huh? … It’s not as harsh as what these and others unmentioned are lining up for America …

Why do the democrats want to destroy the educational system in America?… Survey says, because if the people aren’t educated they are easier to control and more likely to be dependent on the government … Why diminish the military? … The weaker the American ability to protect themselves is, the easier it is to hand over the government to a foreign entity … ie: China, Russia, North Korea, Iran … It wouldn’t surprise me in the least, if “these countries” were all in cahoots to gang up on the U. S. A. … Why destroy the United States gaining energy independence ? … ( you know the answer)… Why pay Americans to not work and stay-at-home?… ( you know why)…

The bottom line is obvious… To position the United States in the best position to be taken over by foreign entities … Shutter at this … The Democratic Party continues to divide the nation to the point of Civil War… Opening the door for Russia, China, and whoever to attack us also … Believe me, this is the democratic goal… If we survive until the midterm elections, people better be prepared to clean the slate in D.C. … Our bigger problem/obstacle is the dark condition of the human heart … At least 1/2 of the United States voters are liberals and they are getting just what they voted for … Deception, betrayal, non-stop lying … Frank …

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