Joe Biden & Company commits the perfect political faux pas in American military history...

Then Joe ( the half-wit at best) proclaims that “America is back”… ( I assume meaning, further ‘governing’ by the White House will be in the spirit of diplomacy and unilateral in nature ) REALLY JOE? … Do you think that the American public and our allies are actually stupid enough to fall for this logic, and can trust you in even the smallest of decisions ? If you (Joe) will hang America and Americans “out to dry” in your handling of Afghanistan … what will you do when a crisis occurs in Japan or Taiwan or elsewhere? … Do you think you are going to win over any of our allies on upcoming issues through your style of diplomacy? … Frankly my dear, you are a narcissistic drooling pawn, puppet, and moron … Why do you and your administrative cohorts brag about conducting the biggest airlift in American history? It seems to me that you lifted out mostly ‘Afghan’ people …Why are Americans always last on your priority list? … You Communist Manifesto-loving, Jihadi caliphate supporting, Muslim Brotherhood card-carrying member, Barack Obama wannabe goofball … Frank…

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