Reference Genesis, chapters 16 – 23 … to learn about Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Ishmael, and Isaac …To get the details and fully understand the deeper meaning of the story and all that it entails read for yourself …

Sarah ( because of her frustration with Gods promise to her and Abraham about having a child) , persuades Abraham to have a child with Hagar the concubine … ‘Ishmael’ is born ( Father of the Arabs)… Ishmael is also called “The son of disobedience”…

After this,God comes through on his promise to bless Abraham and Sarah with a son … His name is Isaac … Patriarchal father of the Jews … So we have the beginning of the story of the Arabs and the Jews

To continue the summary … Sarah becomes jealous of Hagar and Ishmael, and runs them off from from the family … Fast forward to today… where this family jealousy, strife and struggle, continues to this day between “the son of promise, Isacc” and the “son of disobedience”… Ishmael … Understand better the ongoing battle for Jerusalem…

Arabs and the Jews boy … too much for me ( Genesis, the band ) … Think of this as you look for the deeper meanings … God made a covenant promise with ‘Abraham and Sarah’, which was broken by ‘them’ because they did not trust God to do as he promised … A further meaning can be gleaned from this, that Isaac is the “son of the spirit” and Ishmael is “the son of the flesh.”… This is a good starting point to understand what is currently going on, even to this day, between Arabs and Jews …. The Middle Eastern struggle continues … Frank …

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