Joe, I think every American should send you a box of tissues … you boo hoo baby…

So Joe, we just lost a twenty-year war in Afghanistan … The Taliban government in Afghanistan has as its head, a man who has a 10 million dollar bounty on his head and you call them “business-like and professional”… Joe you moron … We are looking virtually at the same leadership from the Taliban that we were looking at twenty years ago … How much money was invested in that country? how many lives were lost in that country? … Joe you couldn’t manage a lemonade stand, let alone this country … If someone approached your lemonade stand and asked you for a cup of lemonade, what would you do, turn your back on them? … you dummy … You self serving, self-righteous, haughty, holier than thou pitiful Catholic … prick.

Joe you stood in front of the cameras with your lame campaign promises and half assed efforts when running for President… My question to you and those around you, is why did you seem to not give a damn? …. Before you tell another lie, I will tell you why … It’s because you knew the election was rigged, and ‘you and yours’ were gonna steal it … You think we average Americans are a bunch of idiots, “boy howdy” are you in for a big surprise …

Joe, YOUR weak Democratic Party is triggered by everything that doesn’t match up with your selfish devilish agenda …

Well Joe, here is the voice of a triggered conservative … Without the screaming, yelling, eggs throwing, sophomoric violence, that is evident from your “left regressive agenda”…boo hop …

Everything you touch is doomed for extreme failure, namely … Afghanistan … Covid management, completely ignoring the border crisis … Dictating with your authoritarian “American version of Marxism”… Making comments like Americans have lost the “right to choose”… Did all of this begin back in the 2020 election when Americans lost their ‘right to choose a President because the Democratic Party stole the election? … We lost our right to choose a long time ago “Joe Schmoe”… Joe, it is obvious that you and your administration are totally against America … Truth is Joe, you couldn’t hold the toilet paper for Donald Trump to wipe his ass … You stinking pile of garbage … That boomerang that you have thrown out is coming back at you Joe … Karma is real … You half bald rotting bag of oatmeal, tree buzzard … RESIGN! … Frank

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