Enough is enough, is enough, America is being raped by the media … America is being raped at the Southern border … America was ( is being) raped in Afghanistan … Which will actually turn out to be a Taliban gang screw of America, before it is all said and done… 1% of those coming across the Southern border are not vaccinated … The democrats have no understanding of meritocracy … News Flash: a

(As it turns out, Osama bin Laden made a prediction long ago, that “America would no longer remain a superpower”) … And there would be a joining of China, Iran, Pakistan, and Russia, against America and India … Looks to me like this nut job is approaching being correct … Joe Biden rapes America every time he opens his mouth … Joe sez, “It’s not about freedom”… Well, Joe, if it’s not about freedom, what in the foggy blue mountain morning is it about? … We are at the beginning of a new radical Muslim extremism … The terrorists around the world are emboldened and we have armed them to the teeth … Thank you Barack Obama and Joe O’biden … Where have you gone Donald Trump? … our nation misses your mean tweets … Everything was a big manufactured lie about Trump … ORANGE MAN WAS THE REAL DEAL … ( That’s why he was hated) Transparency means accountability … Good luck getting that under the Biden administration … Hypocrisy and lawlessness are ruling the land … Goodnight Irene, the party’s just about over … Frank…

The poisonous MAMBA!

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