Genesis 2:7 records the story of ‘God forming man out of the dust and then blowing the ‘breath of life into his nostrils’ … I’ve often wondered what this could possibly mean, because the details are not there ...

If God was only working with dust / dirt as the scripture implies … Then what was going on with the blowing into man’s nostrils “the breath of life?”…

My thoughts, correctly or incorrectly are this: We know that God’s spoken Word is very productive and powerful and nothing can stop it … Could it be that Gods “breath” is powerful beyond our wildest dreams and that as He blew His breath into man, the heart, lungs, brain,and all other organs were formed as His breath entered into Adam? … I think at best we can say it’s a mystery, but I believe it’s certainly a possibility, and actually interesting to think about … For me anyway … I’m remembering a study in Hebrew about this phrase “the breath of life” and it’s meaning in the Hebrew language, reminding all that the English language is not conducive to original Hebrew meanings and intent … And would like to inform all that in Hebrew, the ‘breath of life’ means “The breath of lives.”… Quite possibly the meaning is this, at the moment God blew the ‘breath of lives’ into Adam, the potential ( seed) for every human being that would ever live was placed in Adam … What do you think? …. Post written remembering the loss of Rusty …”Mack”... all for now, Coy, ( Frank)…

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