While watching the 911 remembrances today … I am constantly reminded that this should be our 20th wake-up call since 9/11 ...

By that I mean … Does anybody that wasn’t born yesterday really believe that in observing the politics of today, that ‘passive diplomacy’will work? … I don’t care if you love Barack Obama and Joe Biden down to their toes … ‘Passive diplomacy’ in context with Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s meaning, is a way of saying “We’re willing to give the country away … What are these radical jihadists ( holy war, caliphate, sharia law loving desert dwellers) going to do with our country? … 5 years, and it’s a shambles is my bet … These radicals are controlled by the spirit of Apollyon, they are nothing but destroyers … Haven’t we learned we don’t talk things over with them, we stick a gun in their nose or ass, and say this is the way it’s gonna be, just like they do to us …. When are we gonna learn to fight with fire, when are we gonna learn not to back down, when are we gonna learn and stop being spineless ( not all, our leaders in particular) … Peace or respect through military strength is all that is respected in this crumbling world, passive diplomacy will lose our country, and get multitude multitudes of us murdered … So “sleep on sweet Charlotte”, if you think passive diplomacy will get you anything but a coffin … Something needs to be done about this “circle jerk” … called the Biden administration … What has happened to us? … Wake up, because Rome is burning everything is not OK … Frank …

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