Expert German and or Russian virologists stating that the Covid Vaccine mandate is unscientific, unethical, and illegal … Further, they adamantly claim that the original Covid Vaccine “replaces a person’s natural immunity” and opens them up to other dangerous, even deadly infections … These experts are on the airwaves now challenging doctor “Falsey Fauci” and anyone who claims to be an expert, to debate with them about this subject … I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t trust doctor “Falsely Fauci” with a cold remedy … Frank … visit Technoblog… or Sandy Rios podcast on Biden vaccine mandates and the dangers

Experts call this a COLOSSAL BLUNDER

So this is just me thinking … silly me … Why would some 40,000 refugees be allowed into our country at the Southern border not be vetted or made to take vaccines? ….” That is elementary Doctor Watson … They do not want their future voters to die from complications from Covid vaccines”… The rest of us are part of the population control plan of agenda 2030 … IMHO AND DISCERNMENT…

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