It’s easy to reinvent yourself the democratic, Biden, Hollywood way ... Every morning wake up and ‘identify in’ exactly what gender you want to be, how much money you want to have, what your education is, what your job position is, how good looking you are, ( even though your face and appearance, might scare a buzzard off of a shit wagon) … and if anybody disagrees with you, ( first warn them that your “patience is wearing thin … you know like Joe Biden does) then just wear their ass out with a baseball bat … What’s the problem? … it’s so easy …

Especially if you’re a Democrat, the news won’t even bother reporting you, the police won’t even bother arresting you, nothing else will happen you, just keep swinging baby …

However, if you’re a Republican, they will throw eggs at you, (Especially if you’re a black Republican man like Larry Elder) who has educated himself, bettered himself, now challenging the pathetic Gavin Newsome for Governor… The man that has kept the homeless, homeless in Ca … has ignored the crime problem, etc …

Remember California, “a one-party state is not a healthy democracy”… California may be waking up … Imagine saying that Larry elder would be a threat to the black community … “That he is the black face of white supremacy”, how much of this bullshit are we going to put up with folks? …, The Dems spending 80 million dollars to keep a “fruit cake, well-dressed criminal” in Gavin Newsom as governor… How long will we slumber citizens of the United States? … ATTN: Our government (generally speaking) is so bad that we now trust the dictates of China, North Korea, Russia, Iran, And let’s not forget the Taliban … Those “professional business like terrorists.”… Friends and foes we are in judgment in America, how far God will let it go, who can tell … “We the people” need to rise up and overcome these evils that are dividing us, or we’re going to lose everything … Frank …

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