Have Americans collectively become so desensitized? … so dull? … This whole Covid debacle is not only about shots … Superficially it is about shots, one layer deeper, it’s about how many variants can the powers that be, charm and deceive people into accepting the necessity of vaccines for? … The long view, the long game, the ultimate goal is to see how many inalienable rights, constitutional rights, civil liberties, and freedoms are Americans willing to be criminally pushed into giving up?… Proverbially slow ‘crockpot cooking’ the “human frogs” … Until we become so conditioned, we will automatically jump on the Box Car train, and line up for the shot in the back of the head, the chemical death shower, the mass graves, the coating of lime, even as some of us lie still alive, gasping for one last breath, one last ray of sunshine …

What people are waking up to and being angered by is the government’s demanding, mandating that ‘all’ get shots in the name of “public safety“… When in fact what they are saying is, don’t do I do, do as I say … It’s all part of the “Marxist, Communist, Jihadist” rules of engagement, involving the conditioning of people to be controlled by the elite, the 2%, the geniuses … (sarcastic smirk) … the merchants of death, the population controllers … The new green deal zealots (climate change nut jobs [ Excuse me, but we cannot control the world’s climate, CO2 is plant food] … controlling companies and masses through burdensome regulations …

Do you get my point, do you follow? Our politicians need to stop running around braying like donkeys and get serious, responsible, and accountable about their positions in the White House, Congress, and the senate ... Governors also, all the way down to local governance … This post written by the eclectic, electric, radioactive mind of the PIMMIT HILLS PRODUCT, the eccentric Frankie Payton …

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