Don’t track me when I’m talking on the phone … Don’t spy on me with your freaking little drones … I just want to be left alone ...

They’ll track you when you’re walking down the road … Or on a commode squeezing off a load … It’s me they always want to goad … We all just want to be left alone …

‘Big Brother’ wants to spy all that you do … They even know the size of your shoes … Me, I don’t really care, if they know I wear Dick Tracy underwear …

They track you when you’re shopping Amazon … Criminals seek you out for dirty cons … Everybody’s got their hand in your pocket … They want to rip your eyes from their sockets … So now we demand to be left alone … We’re tired of being slipped a gnarly bone ….

Spoof on BOB DYLAN’S... Rainy Day Women ... Frank …

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