What is the end goal in Russia, China, Venezuela North Korea, Cuba, etc? … The end game and goal is to control the masses … Control where they work, what clothes they wear, what they eat, right down to what their thought processes are … What is the end goal in America? My personal opinion is that one of the first steps to total control is depopulation through various means … including Covid?!

I want to ask a question concerning Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, focusing on Joe Biden … What evil resides in this skinny-legged 80-year-old “sorry excuse” of a man and president?… I mean, this stuffed shirt well-dressed criminal, calling himself Joe Biden has 1 foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel … yet he still wants to bring down America, and he still wants to see our younger generations pay for enormous tax increases… What the hell manner of evil resides in this man? … he’s been on the front teet of the government for over 40 years, and it’s not enough for his simple ass … So to wrap up … Looks like we can add the current American government to the “end goal” of a total authoritarian government over the United States … Knowing Americans, most Americans that are mainly from red States that is … If the current administration continues the way they are going, towards a one-party total government … There will be blood on the roof tops dripping down into the streets …

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