70 × 7 = 490?

70 × 7 = 490? … Well that depends … In the natural mind, yes … In the natural calculation, yes … But there is another realm to consider this math … Ref — Matthew 18: 21- 22 … In the spiritual realm…

God’s long suffering and patience with humans is an amazing thing … We cannot understand it with a natural mind, we can approach it with the spiritual mind,

Paraphrased: Peter asked Jesus, “If my brother offends me how many times shall I forgive him, up to 7 times?” … Jesus said, much more than that … 70 × 7 times … In this context and understanding … I think it means as long as the person is truly repentant … The forgiveness is unlimited … ( Some might say and understandably so, that this is a license to continue sinning, this is how the natural mind would interpret it, but this is not the mind of God) … If a person is struggling with the sin of excessive drinking, jealousy, lust, love of money, whatever the sin maybe, even if we have committed the sin a 1000 times and we just can’t overcome it, God will forgive as long as our repentance is true and we are trying … that is, IMHO and discernment … God is a “cardio knower”… In street language this means, He knows our heart, not our outward appearance … Lesson: Gods ways are not our ways, judge no one, yet discern, there is a difference ... written by Frank …

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