To put it bluntly, but I believe accurately … We have become in our courts too lenient on the criminals … “way too lenient on the criminals” … And not empathetic enough ( enforcing laws on the books) for the victims … In short, our judicial system, our court system sucks, big time …

Shifting gears a bit … Call me a caveman … Call me Draconian … Call me whatever you want to, but I think the solution to some of this judicial negligence is plain and simple and and extremely ancient and old school, but it works … Now this sounds crude, but we have to ask ourselves, is a gymnastics teacher raping and abusing over one hundred women over the course of many years not about as crude as it can get?

I’m tired of listening to all these stuffed shirts in Congress and Senate and their rhetoric and debate over how to handle pedophilia, human trafficking, especially in children, [ If the truth were known, how many of our elected officials are pedophiles?, “there is a slush fund to pay off their victims”] in many institution’s, in our churches, which has run rampant … Accountability and responsibility has been lost in all three branches of our government ( and in the world in general) … Executive, Judicial, and Legislative … Extending all the way to the nonsense that is currently going on in our supposedly highly esteemed Supreme Court … What a joke! …

So, my recommendation and stern belief is, that if we prosecute and “hang” some of these convicted child abusers, traffickers, border crossers, drug smugglers, (in broad daylight and in public for all to see) … Such actions quite possibly could detour a lot of this lawlessness … In our military, in our social justice activities, courts, etc, being perceived as lenient and “over understanding and weak” will not get the job done … We in this country need to operate (in all of the above mentioned), from a position of strength and dead seriousness, accountability and responsibility, no holds Barred … Frank …

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