Lawlessness is EVERYWHERE, like rampant cancer... The infection goes way back but has come to a head of late, with Barack Obama and Joe Biden … Is anybody accountable and responsible in the Biden administration? … State department? … FBI?… DOJ? ( Should be called the Department Of Injustice)… Congress, Senate, Supreme Court? (Not so ‘supreme’ at all) … Not all of the justices, but a lot are robed pawns … Our religious and church institutions are a mess … Chief Justice Roberts is an ass clown, ‘smart ass’ nit wit …

So where is all of this leading … Globalism and the NWO are prophesied, and are rapidly forming to greet and worship Satan, the coming Anti-Christ … You don’t have to believe me, but you might check out what God has to say about this … He cannot lie, his word is true … We are fumbling and bumbling around like sheep just like the word says … Frankie … The Afghanistan debacle and the out-of-control Texas border are perfect examples of Joe Biden’s negligence and hatred of America … He is a deep stater and part of the New World Order …

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