From a spiritual Christian perspective … Imagine the evil that must be resident in the heart of Joe Biden. Here is a man that has been on the “government teet” for most of his adult life … The common folk of America realize a monster has been created at the expense of taxpayer dollars … This “manster” ( monster) is now loosed on America …

Joe “did and is doin” America in his gross heinous neglect of Afghanistan. Joe is “doin” America in his neglect of the southern border crisis. Joe is “doin” America in his politicized, weaponized heinous neglect and agenda driven mishandling of the Covid crisis. Joe is ” doin” America by all of his actions combining to create the upcoming crisis arriving soon because of inflation, and the eventual decline of the American dollar.

In his first days of office, Joe Biden, by executive order, overturned most all of the “America first”policies of Donald Trump’s administration. Friends, “if we can’t see Joe Biden’s intent of destroying America, then we can’t see anything at all” … The “Joe” is a tool of the deep staters and the ‘new world order’… He is an arm of the *globalist agenda ( *2030) in full plain view… So I ask, when did we brilliant Americans become so dull? … An alarming percentage of us anyway … The only thing I see “coming over the horizon” is trouble … Frank …

Remember some words from Deuteronomy 7:14 … And ” If my people”…

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