Can you feel it? It’s like a crop dusting of stinch coming from Washington DC and the Biden administration. A 3.5 trillion infrastructure that really adds up to 5.5 trillion … The Biden administration is bent on dividing this country in everything that they do … the border crisis, the Afghanistan debacle, Covid agenda, looming inflation, (national security risk) through Generals in high positions of the military that can’t be trusted … Not to mention the corruption in the FBI, Department of Justice, State department, Supreme Court, etc. … Hillary Clinton continuing to get away with “murder” IMHO, ( Will the Sussman lawyer come up mysteriously missing?) …

Covert and overt operations at the federal and state level to destroy our education system, which has been on the decline for the last “how many years?”… We have the further division in our country through the “cancel culture” and ‘political correctness which is like two giant warts on a hygiene negligent persons face … Then we give you the cancer of ‘critical race theory and the destruction that it is causing … Popularity of BLM, a known terrorist organization, our own federal government now collaborating and seeking the advice of a known terrorist organization in the Taliban …

All mentioned, barely scratches the surface of the agenda “to bring America down” [ or at least weaken her] for a foreign takeover … If you can’t smell the deception and hypocrisy of the “smoldering” Biden administration, then I must ask, what in God’s name is wrong with you? … Where is your discernment?… Where is your intelligence?… Where is your sense of good judgment? … To top off the whole beautiful cake … We have people saying that they would vote again for Biden, which absolutely blows what’s left of my mind … All brought about by a hoax through Hillary Clinton at the start of this whole “Trump hatred syndrome ” … How silly can we be? … hating a man who put America first, not even accepting a paycheck … Understanding that a lot of the hatred of Trump mainly revolved around his mean tweets… Well, I would rather have “mean tweets” and a president that puts America first, than a puppet-like Joe Biden, that is hell-bent on destroying her … If you are foolish enough to believe in the democratic ideology of passive diplomacy … You might as well get your house in order because the end is near … Frank …

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