Look, take a close look at the Biden administration’s FUBAR... The Del Rio border crisis invasion ... Just what is the total effect of on our healthcare, on our education system, on our national security, on our exposure to Covid?… To use a democratic term, “our public health”… Do I look like a moron? ( don’t answer that) [smirk]… What we have in Texas, is not a border issue anymore, it’s a country-wide issue that will affect everyone …

Now let’s get what’s happening straight: Joe Biden ( and his puppeteers) are rescuing people from some authoritarian Marxist countries … Helping some of the poorest countries in the world, because he feels like he is the master globalist magician, thinking he’s gonna help the world, save the world, Well “Walk away Joe Biden doesn’t have enough testosterone in his “little raisin ball nutsack” to save the world … I would call Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, American Public Enemies number 1 and 2 … Here’s the real FUBAR … This same Joe Biden, company, and administration, are concerned with dispersing what they believe to be future democratic voters; across this country and expecting them to vote for a one-party system “in the democratic party”. Also, expecting illegals to help turn this country into the type of country that they just escaped from … If that’s not a FUBAR, somebody tells me what it is … In a way and of course (not including all of us), “we” are responsible, because we voted for this garbage man, Joe … And in my opinion, we have many to thank including

recent leaders: … Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the joker in the deck, Nancy Pelosi … How long O Lord, how long?, … The thing that chaps my hiney is that we human beings do not understand, that all of our problems or most of them anyway are initiated by humans, “and the darkness that resides in the human heart and condition”, the “fallen state” is proving itself out and that God’s word is true … If ‘you don’t like that comment “Irene” go back to sleep … The fat lady is singing her lungs out … While “we” fumble and stumble along … Frank …

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