Lessons with your voice in the wilderness, Frankie ... I’m the type of person that needs answers … I need to know why things are like they are … Things like “Root Causes”… Why people believe as they do … Why there is so much evil in the world … Are there concrete reliable biblical answers to humanity’s problems? .. Why is our current Federal Government Presidential administration hell-bent on denying the existence of God, and determined to rule Americans as if THEY are God(s)? …

The following are paraphrased excerpts from a study with Jonathan Cahn in his revelation of a book called, THE HARBINGER 2 ... COMMENTARY BY ME, Frankie ...

A brief digression ... As I was taking my daily walk with my family’s dog, Aja (pronounced Asia) … I began to think of many things as is often the case … Today I was enveloped by thoughts of how complicated it seems to be sometimes, just to be alive and be a participating human being in this “bizarre mostly hate-filled”, ‘off the train track’ world we live in … I honestly don’t remember things being so troubling as they are these days … Sometimes I think that everything the “Internet” has brought to our world is one of the worst things that could have ever happened to us … It’s trending that way anyway … IMHO … I’m not so sure knowing everything that’s “going on in the world” … ‘Being available at the touch of our finger on a phone’, is such a fabulous idea … But it’s like everything else, it is, what it is … Good and bad, and mostly what we make it … a wealth of information being used for a few to twist and manipulate, and advance agendas … ie: “Faceless Book” & “Twister” … Just to mention two…

Back to my introduction about idols: “When Israel turned away from God, they didn’t turn to nothing; they turned to something else. They turned to other gods, foreign gods, the gods of the nations, idols. It’s always that way. You see, we’re each made to worship God. So if we turn away from God or if we never know him in the first place, we’ll end up worshiping something else, other gods, idols, and works of our hands.”

Why does a man turn to idols? … “ Because to create your own God is to become the creator, and thus your own God. And if you can create your own God, you can create your own truth, and alter it. “So when the people of Israel drove God out of their lives and culture, the gods came rushing in to fill the void. Unlike the God of Israel, the gods that came in from the nation’s to replace Him could be seen and touched, their appearance triggered a metamorphosis away from the worship of the unseen to the worship of the visible, the physical, the material, the carnal the sensory, and the sensual. That too is what follows. “So if America is following the course of israel’s fall then would it also…”

Turn to idols?”… ” Yes” We must remember the warning of John Winthrop at America’s founding : But if our heart shall turn away, so that we will not obey, but shall be seduced, and worship other gods, our pleasure and profits and serve them ..

So it was for ancient Israel, As their hearts turned away from God, they were seduced to worship and serve other gods. And thus the warning of ancient Israel became the warning given to America at its inception. The warning is this: If America should turn away from the God of its foundation, it will end up worshiping and serving other gods. it was in the mid – 20th century that America’s removal of God from its public squares and culture became overt overtly progressive. It’s no accident that in that same period of time another transformation took place, the metamorphosis of American culture away from the unseen and toward the carnal, the material, the sensory, and the sensual. And as God was driven out, the gods came in to fill the void”… The gods of success and prosperity, of money, comfort, sexuality, pleasure, the self, and a host of other deities and masters. And when the gods take over the culture becomes fractured, truth becomes subjective, appearance becomes reality, and man becomes God. When God is abolished, everything becomes God … More later... Look and sound familiar? Friends whether you know it or not we are living it out right now … Frank … Main content from Harbinger 2, pgs.157,158 …

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