Stop children, what’s that sound everybody look what’s going down” …

IMHO … The human species in general, and the American people, need to wake up to the spiritual underpinnings of all of our problems … Because as we should know, we manifest and “life out in the physical”… but it’s the “spiritual realm” where the real action is … And to this realm, human beings will return after this test in the flesh … Can I hear an Amen? … don’t you know? … uh huh …

I would like everyone to be aware that God could intervene in his creation and bring this whole mess to a grinding halt … But he has bigger plans … What pray tell am I saying? … The evil of our world can only be dealt with in one way … Whether we choose to believe it, like it, or not … We humans are in a cursed fallen state …”The wages of sin is death”... Let me boldly say this by the power of God, that Jesus Christ came into his own creation to save us, to deal with the sin issue … He proved that he is worthy to be part of the Trinity and the one true God. He did this by creating the world, coming into his creation, being rejected by those whom he created to the point of his death … And then he claimed by his resurrection, “Death cannot hold me.” Further ” I am YHWH, THE MIGHTY ELOHIM …

So what needs to happen … It’s so easy that it’s almost impossible, because of our human nature and our inclination to do evil … Quite simply we need to return to “our first love”… God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit … We need face down national and personal repentance on a scale like past “awakenings”… Then and only then will God send healing and salvation to those of a contrite heart …

We must ask ourselves, do you like the way things are going?… Do you like the representation that our elected officials are giving us? … Can you smell the stench of the ‘New World Order and Globalism’, being lined up and shoved down our throats? … Folks, I’m sad to say that this is only the beginning of trouble, it’s going to wax worse and worse … As Mark Levin puts it so so correctly … “AMERICAN MARXISM IS HERE” … In some ways it’s too late … In some ways there’s still time, but we as a nation and individuals better find out what’s really in our hearts, and present it before God … Before his hand of judgment continues its course … Can you see this my friends?

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