China representative, come on down to the White House … Iran, Russia, North Korea, Syria, Afghanistan, come on down to the White House, we’re dividing up America!

Border patrol, though you’re understaffed, let’s put a vaccine mandate on you … While at the same time, the second wave of illegal immigrants from all over the world are approaching our southern border…Without the first concern for any of them being fully vetted or vaccinated … Somebody tell me how in hell, there is any logic in this thought process? … There isn’t any thought process, it’s being handled by the dark forces of the New World Order … The dark shadow people behind the 2030 agenda … I’m quite sure that Barack Obama and at least “Chillary Clinton” and many others are part of an elite force, including George Soros and many others … G.S. a big part of the money behind the dark operation … Including ‘Black Lives Matter, Antifa … And God knows who else … Not to mention, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, the CDC, the WHO, etc … So come on down all interested parties America is for sale … Frank … Alarming, it just dawned on me, I would imagine that America has already been sold … Our politicians bought and paid for …

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