This post is for all of you Biden/Harris loving, worshiping, voting, electing ignoramuses … All of you climate control freaks …( God-made this world to handle anything that man can throw at it and more) … Don’t believe in the climate change hoax … It’s a control, money-generating manipulating, political mechanism … This post is for all of you politically correct, cancel culture-loving, all of you freaks that want to put pedophilia promoting books in our elementary schools … All of you who are so damn lazy & uneducated, that you think you would be happy in an authoritarian Chinese type of government in the United States … Do you want to be controlled down to your very thoughts? … Do you want your bank to be monitored if you have transactions over $600 … That pretty much covers everybody … right down to the paperboy and his route … Do You believe this bullshit? … Let me ask you losers a question, where are you going to go when the Chinese and/or the Russians have invaded this country? … When are you gonna get over Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, (2 Nazi’s), Joe Biden and this Covid 19 vaccination control dupe fest? … When, are a lot of you gonna wake up to what is taking place at our Southern border? … We have only seen the 1st wave, the 2nd wave is coming, don’t you see the 2030 agenda? … Don’t you see the dark depravity of the human heart and where it has led us?… Where is your spiritual mind? …What have you been doing with your life? …Why are so many of us like sheep running headlong to the slaughter? The fallen state of man is real! … salvation is available! … Fortunately God has given us free will and does not want a bunch of robots, so do as you must, but there are consequences … Get off the government teet and think for yourself … time is short … Down on your knees pleading to the one true God, is a good place to start, personally and nationally … Call me a fool, call me a zealot, call me whatever you want, I don’t really give a damn … Just a voice, in this horrible, ever-expanding wilderness … Do you want our government “that you insist on making your God” … [Because you don’t have any idea about the one true God] … Do you want the government to know when you spend over $600, when you take a trip to Disney world? … How many times you stop to take a piss, what food you ate, if you took a shit or not … get real people … Because I have seen and heard enough, time to drop the hammer … See, Joe Biden is in an untenable situation, so he’s gonna lie his ass off, until they put him in the grave … But again, happy happy, there’s joy in the morning, we would have the total dumbass Kamala (Camel Toe) Harris in control, better run for the hills if you think this dumb ‘black pants only’ wearing cow head has any idea about how to run this country, then you better go have your head checked … How you like me now? … Further, all of you pink hat-wearing, ‘Ellen Degenerate’ & The View’ loving Marxists, better remember the words of an artist woman named Joni Mitchell … “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” … ‘Pave paradise, put up a Barack Obama Presidential library’… (Barf) … Make sure at the heading of the library it says, Traitor... Jihadist, Terrorist ... Lover of Lewis Farrakhan, radical Muslim & card-carrying member of the Muslim brotherhood … Married to a man named Michael Robinson … Who is more than likely a hermaphrodite … I mean where did Obama’s kids really come from? … Hmmm … rental units? … all for now …

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