Let’s connect the dots about Kali, the goddess of darkness by comparing this goddess to Joe Biden for the parallels and sameness of deception ...

Kali, worshipped in India and around the world, symbolizing a deity to be called upon in our struggle against pollution, extinction, and climate change … When in reality Kali is the goddess of destruction and death …

So you might be asking yourself, why am I comparing Kali to Joe Biden? … Here’s why … Joe Biden claims to be a unifier of America and the world …( NOT!) Joe Biden claims he is protecting our Southern borders( NOT!) … Joe Biden claims he and his administration did a wonderful job in Afghanistan( NOT!) … When everyone knows he didn’t … He is a blundering, yammering dunderhead … Joe Biden claims that “America is back”( NOT!)… Well Joey my boy, I hate to tell you, America is not back at all, in fact America is lost under your so called leadership … Seems to me that everything you

have been doing in your administration is designed to destroy America … Therefore like Kali, you are a deceiving demon, telling America one thing and doing the complete opposite … Like many others it haunts me to think of you having access to the nuclear codes … I fear that the Chinese the Russians, Iranians, or others, could outsmart you very easily … And as usual, Americans would have to pay the price for your dementia … You have sold us out Joe … Like Kali ... You claim to be one thing, yet we know you are another, you claim to be light, but you are darkness, death, and destruction … When the hand of God moves on you Joe, you will know that this country is not yours to destroy … Just like Barack Obama, (your idol) you will only be allowed to go so far … And then God will swat you like the fly you are … An enormous annoying horse fly… I wish you would take your fumbling stumbling demonic ass up on a porch and re-educate yourself because you don’t have a clue … no clue that a lot of us are on to you, and that your exposure is imminent … You and the dumb woman Kamala “Hilarious”…You two fly in the face of the saying, “Two heads are better than one.”… I am thoroughly convinced, there is not one functioning brain between the both of you … Frank …

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