August 9th-10th, 2015 ... Kali Goddess of darkness and destruction lights up Empire State Building…

“In my dream, the idol lifted a sword over the city. “So, Kali weilds a sword ... and her tongue drips with blood.” WHY? … Because she’s the goddess of destruction … she’s the destroyer.” “So looming over this city was the goddess of destruction?” ” “Yes, the goddess of death.” “The goddess of death over New York City.”The goddess of darkness, destruction, and death.” “A dark harbinger.”

Note: “The scripture prohibiting the worship of false gods and the making of their images was appointed for the same day that the image of the colossal god went up over New York City.” “And that the appointed scripture (just happened to be?) the Bible’s central warning against making idols in the image of gods.” So then all over New York City, in its Synagogues, from Brooklyn to Manhattan, they opened up the scrolls and began chanting the ancient words of warning against the gods and their images… as the image of the god was being readied to manifest over the city.”… Question: Does anyone remember this occurrence?… most undiscerning do not …

Comment: Understand that this display of Kali was being sold as a display reminding people to help endangered species … But this is a deception … Also being sold as a portrayal of a fierce avatar needed to deal with the problems of “pollution and extinction, ( promoting conservation”, by the way our radical progressive left wing of government is obsessed with) ( ie: climate change, you know, THE HOAX) … among other lies being sold to the world…

It’s of great importance in understanding what I’m saying, or better yet what this really means … August 9th 2015, was a Saturday, it was a Biblical Sabbath … And to show God’s hand and involvement in this, the scripture that was divinely assigned for that day, that was being prayed in the synagogues was …“You shall have no other gods before Me.

You shall not make for yourself any idols, or any image of anything in heaven above or in the earth below… You shall not reverence them or serve them.”… Friends we need to find our spiritual bearings, open our eyes to what is really going on in this world … Ask God to give you eyes to see, and ears to hear … The unseen realm is very real … It’s all around you, it’s all around all of us …

Some quotes from Jonathan Cahn’s book Harbinger2, pgs. 161- 163 … Frank … Your voice in the wilderness …

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