Question: If the democratic infrastructure spending bill costs zero, why is it necessary to raise American taxes to some ungodly level?

I feel like as a conservative it’s time to add a new feather to my hat … Right beside my “Deplorable” feather will now stand an “I’m a moron” feather... ( According to the Democratic Party.)

In fact, I’m such an ignorant conservative moron, that I have no understanding of spiritual things, including this “infrastructure bill” being sold as “It’s all for the American people, The U.S. has to keep pace with what China is spending, blah, blah, blah, I guess we’re duped again, and we still don’t understand that what Barack Obama meant starting back in 2008 was that “The change” Barack was talking about, was a change to a Marxist America, with a nice seasoning of the Radical Muslim Jihadist ideology just for more fun … Do we understand this people, or are we still dumb as cows? … The real story behind this democratic push for this ‘ill-conceived infrastructure effort is to to make America “a welfare state.”… To open up America to the Chinese, the Iranians, the Russians, and whoever, as long as it’s not to “evil white moronic Americans or Jews” … Frank.

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