SOMETIMES WHEN IN a heavenly deep sleep ... ( and it seems to be happening more frequently) ... I find myself so at rest and content, that I yearn to go to the next step, which is death, or crossing over... My consciousness and being melding into “The Unseen Realm”… Leaving behind this upside down world and all of it’s trouble that has a profound effect on me … I guess I call it … “getting tired” or, “all shot out“…

Really, just sick and tired of the demands of just being alive … And I believe it is all brought about by my understanding that things don’t have to be this way and that the way things are currently going in our culture and society, it is hard to want to be involved with the madness … I might add also that being perceived as “mad” by a lot of my peers, (which is partially true) … it is a short trip for me to screaming madness … It seems that government and society are in a headlong dive towards marxism and communism … This really depresses me … There seems to be genuine ignorant acceptance, especially by our youth, of this trend … Life has been devalued and is not is seen as a gift … This is indicative to me of a spiraling down the “proverbial toilet” for humanity … In short, if life is not deemed as valuable, where do we go from here? … So this is my challenge and my decline … Finally, for now, the importance and obligation to my wife, son, and daughter, keep me hanging on … I will not check out until my time is up … That would make me a hypocrite … Frank …

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