IN THE BEAUTIFUL HEBREW LANGUAGE, There is in its grammar the “jot and tittle” … A jot is derived from the Greek iota, the smallest letter of the Greek alphabet … A tittle is a dot or a pen stroke … So why labor through these seemingly unimportant details? … Because words are very important, especially in scripture as they are HOLY or God breathed … Every smallest detail matters and is God breathed …

THE point, and MY point being, that Gods Word says that every ‘jot and tittle’ in the Bible will come true … So what does that tell you about the fulfillment of prophecy? … It should mean to us that when something is prophesied, no matter if we understand or believe … It will come true in God’s timing, not ours …’We’ “typically discern very little” when it comes to spiritual matters because we aren’t looking deeply enough … Without intending to be judgmental, because we all do it … Most of us pay more attention to the details on our phones and i-pads than we do to the reading of God’s Word … (sign of the times)

So here’s my example: Refer to Jonathan Cahn’s great work and book HARBINGER 2 ... Pg 175 … Referring to post 9/11 … Referring to the tree known as the “Tree Of Hope”, and Barack Obama’s visit on the anniversary …” But it wasn’t only the transformation of the tree ( it withered) that was significant — it was also the one who came to visit.”

President Obama … When he visited on the anniversary he read from a scripture … Psalm 46 … The psalm speaks of the Lord bringing peace on earth and destroying the weapons of war. It says this: He breaks the (bow) and cuts the spear in two. ” The bow is the weapon used by archers in warfare, as in the bow and arrow. So the verse speaks of blessing, the ending of war, peace. But the president altered the scripture. He, no doubt, had no idea what he was doing, but nevertheless, he did. Instead of saying, ‘He breaks the bow’, the president changed the word to say He breaks the bough.

In English the sound of the two words is similar, but their meaning in the context of scripture, could not be more different. The breaking of the bow is a blessing. But the breaking of the bough is a biblical sign of a national judgment. So the president changed the word of national blessing into a word of national judgment. And when the White House posted the psalm on its website, it likewise altered the words in accordance with what the president had done. It changed, in writing, the word Bow into the word bough. It changed the scripture. (To drive this point home please read the last verses of Revelation 22, about altering scripture, that is, adding anything to it, or taking anything away from it … So the beloved ( by those who don’t mind be lied to and duped) Barry Sotero, and his gay ‘wife man’, born Michael Robinson, pronounced a curse on the U.S.A. … WHY, YOU MAY ASK? … Because Barack Obama is a card carrying member of the “Muslim Brotherhood” and the leader of the “Jihadist movement and Caliphate” against America, who pray tell, along with the Clintons and Barack Obama thugs, do you suspect is pulling “puppet Joes” strings? …

Final thoughts … If you think we have trouble now under Joe Biden … I am sad to say we haven’t seen anything yet … To the ‘believers’ mind, all around is madness … I have found that my only peace comes from trusting God … In fact, you might think this is weird, but the fact that all of this is happening is in support of God’s prophetic word … That is, the decline, that we are currently in, under Joe Biden. Also the push and the influence of “unelected officials” such as Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, ( Covid madness) George Soros, ( funding election fraud and other evils,) and many others. This is all prophetic … And please understand, this is not me saying so, but God’s words saying so … I am just a voice in the wilderness …

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