Where is the Antichrist? … First of all “Anti” can mean “Instead Of”… “Instead Of Christ”…It seems in our world today, most everything, (as dark, and wrong, and contrary to God as it may be), is supported as acceptable … My experience has taught me that people in general, ‘in this culture’, (especially and mainly the radical left) do not want to be held accountable and responsible for their actions, they want to live under a spirit of lawlessness … It’s easy to be under a spirit of lawlessness when you don’t believe in God … It’s only logical …

So where do we find the spirit of Antichrist? … Where do we find “instead of Christ?”… I am here to show you, he is in everything, because he is prophesied, and this is his season … And in due time, once the “global community” and the ‘New World Order’ has advanced societies around the world to the point, when he will seize his prophesied opportunity to show up and take over… But his command will be short lived … Because Christ paid the price for the redemption of this world … And those who believe … Friends we are on the verge of the “Tribulation Period”… If you have no idea what this

is, you better get busy and start studying … Because it is coming with or without you, whether you believe or are aware of or not … Just look at the death angel in ancient history as it visited the first born of the defiant and deceived believers of the

” lesser elohim gods” of the Egyptians (Refer to Psalm 82 for understanding) At this point, it is critical to your understanding, that you are aware of God “disinheriting all nations” but Israel, at the Tower Of Babel … Study to learn Israel was “Gods Portion”… (Very important to understanding the real story behind Arabs and Jews, and all other than Israel nations )

So where do we find evidence of the ” The spirit of Antichrist?”… Don’t you know it can be found everywhere ?… The Anti-Christ has infiltrated our churches …( And what better place to start?) … he is in the current Whitehouse ( Joe Biden & company) … He’s in the Congress, ( Pelosi, Schumer, Blumenthal, Coons, etc) … He’s in the Senate, (RHINO’S, Mitch M.? others)… He’s in the media with the exception of a few … Fox, OANN, Newsmax, and the like … He’s in the school system which has become the government’s indoctrination camps … He’s at our southern border, he’s in Afghanistan, He’s in the looming “Inflation”… He’s in the supply chain disaster … He’s in China, North Korea, Iran … Russia … The CDC, the WHO … Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Wuhan Labs … He’s in Covid … He’s in this satanic “Infrastructure Bill”… He’s in the Barack Obama, now Joe Biden, coined phrase “Fundamental change to America”… He’s in Jen Psaki … I am sure you could add more friends, as I am getting tired … Are you with me sweethearts? Frank …

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