SOCIALISM LEADS TO MEDIOCRITY ... Push everyone to average … Everyone gets a “C” grade, and a participation trophy … After all we don’t want to offend anyone with being exceptional … Jen Psaki is a CUNT ...WE ARE BEING CUNTED by Jen, by Joe, by *Barack? (* The brown turd behind the curtain) …

When I was 13 years old, I was a member of a Babe Ruth All Star team in Falls Church Virginia … We beat everybody in our district and northern Virginia and then went down to play for the state championship in Sandston, Virginia … A long story short, it came down to a double header in which the team from Falls Church Virginia had to win 2 games to win the state championship … I pitched the 1st one ( we won 15-4) and A boy named Dickie Bromley pitched the 2nd game we won 5-4 along with the state championship) … If you had told us that we were all going to get a participation trophy win or lose, we would have never played the games, we would have told you you were out of your fucking mind … Frank …

America and freedom are under attack … Wake up and smell the world on fire … Lower the bar for everybody, so that the Chinese or the Russians are who the fuck ever, can come over here and take over … Frank…

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