Get this: Our federal government is virtually telling us that they own our kids … We are literally paying for our kids to be indoctrinated in our public schools with American Marxism … And we ( parents) dare not speak up about it, or we can expect the full force of the federal government to come after us … Meanwhile illegal aliens, criminals, and drugs are crossing our Southern border, and Joe Biden and company doesn’t give a damn …Walk Away Joe …

Further, the indoctrination camps for “American Marxism” ‘that are our public schools, our Department of Justice, the FBI the CDC, the WHO, et cetera et cetera … Are being paid for and supported by ‘our’ tax dollars … So, we support them, pay them, but yet we have no say … And many in our government and FBI want to go as far as to say these parents that protest at schools are “domestic terrorists”… Well kiss my grits Beatrice … What happened to the First Amendment?, what happened to our Constitution?, what happened to our Bill of Rights?… what happened to local government handling small problems? … Hmmm? … The bully that is Joe Biden and the federal government wants our asses in an easy to tote handbasket, to do with, whatever they wish … What is up with a government and a system that says if you don’t accept 100% of what we tell you to do, we will destroy you … If I wanted to live in China, I would move to China, If I wanted to live in Russia, I would move to Russia, or North Korea or Iran … Wake up folks, Rome is burning … And they got the balls to call this representative government … Looks like I won’t have to move anywhere, I can get all the Marxism and Communism that I want, right here in the USA, and it’s all supported and pushed by our government, THE BULLY … I think I will just go ahead and say thank you to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and a few others, for betraying our country and doing it all with big fake smiles …

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