Joel 2: 28 ... And afterwards I will pour out my spirit on all people … Your old man shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions …

This was my birthday dream last night … The first part of my dream involved a flashback concerning the sale of my first condominium I had owned in Manassas, Va. back in the mid-eighties … I was guiding this strange, known but unknown, ( it’s a dream) [ I think it was Satan in disguise] man on a tour of my condominium, which in the dream, was much more extravagant than I remember … Anyway the man and I then went and visited his home, which was really beautiful and magical, as he seemed to be a very rich man, with weird powers …

Next dream segment: It seemed as if I had to escape this man and his home, ( He and another male friend tried to have sex with me ) [ While planning my exit, I noticed a woman sprawled out on a bed angry that the men were having sex again without her] and I hid from them and managed to get out the front door, my butt safe … I was walking down strange streets in a foreign suburb, and I came to the countryside … I jumped up in the air and realized I could fly … I mean really soar, as high as I wanted to go and wherever I wanted to go … I noticed something peculiar, it had to do with what I “believed I could do” … As long as I believed I could fly, I soared, the moment I started to question my ability to fly, I started to fall … My flying brought me to a big strange foreign mall … And as I was walking through the mall, I jumped up, and I could fly at the level of about 15′ and there were beautiful shops and music … Then I woke up … Happy Birthday to me … Frank

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