Joe Biden and his “revolution”… to “build back better” is nothing but a big facade … Joe is all lies and little action … Joe and the democrats are in the business of dividing America’s people to the point where; there are so many little individual groups of us, with our own little identities that we couldn’t ‘get together and agree on any one thing, therefore, controlling us … Don’t you see the plan people? … Divide and conquer … Again, divide and conquer, divide, devour, destroy, all those that don’t want Communism and conquer them for wanting to remain free … Ushering in the “New World Order, Globalism, “One World Government”, run by the United Nations and a few elitists … And in the long run, presenting the whole globe to the coming Anti-Christ … You don’t have to believe me, study your Bible, it’s all right there, it’s always been right there … The four horsemen of the Apocalypse, and then the Tribulation period, or Daniel’s seventeenth week … no escaping its arrival, are you ready? …What must you do to be ready? … The next slap in the face for America will be the economic conditions brought on by inflation … Frank …

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